There are some points that you need to consider when you are under homeopathic treatment.

You may continue to take the drugs that have been previously prescribed, unless it is another homeopathic medicine or Schüssler salts. This, as well as other on an energetic level acting therapies (acupuncture, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy etc) should be avoided during the homeopathic treatment.

The medicine should not be stored near an emitting device (wireless system, mobile phone, etc).It should not be touched with the hand. The medicine can be placed from the package directly under or on the tongue.
Note the fact that you cannot eat, drink, smoke or brush teeth 30 minutes before and after taking the medicine.

During the treatment any influence that could act as an antidote should be avoided: camphor ointment (Pulmex, Tigerbalm, Vicks Vaporub, tea tree oil, etc.)